Monday, December 22, 2014


We've had a couple of good snow storms since Thanksgiving here in the Greer valley. There's enough snow on the mountain to have Sunrise ski area open and yet not enough in the valley for our "snowplower"to be able to earn a nice living so far. He requires seven inches to be accumulated before he feels the necessity to plow our driveway.

He's very precise. If a resident asks him to perform this service throughout the winter, he insists on a contract. The cost will be a certain amount for each time he must plow. How many times will he plow? It's entirely up to him. Some winters he may have to plow many times.

Last winter...not once.

We have contracted with him, though never in writing, for the past twenty-plus years. We tell his wife to make sure we're on the list. She knows what list we're talking about. He never plows when it isn't necessary so no unnecessary billings. When we think it's probably about time as the snow is piling up...there he is.

We trust him.

Holiday travelers to Greer always ask when making their cabin reservations if there will be snow for Christmas. Well...we can't be sure.

Is there a cancellation policy if it doesn't snow? Yes. You cannot receive a refund. Is that unreasonable?

We would control the weather if we could.

If it does come a big storm right before Christmas, the guests call to cancel because it is unsafe to drive "up the mountain" from the desert.

It's always something.

Nevertheless, the village will be full by tonight. All accommodations will be occupied. There will be skiers and boarders going to Sunrise, some skiing cross country, some sitting by the fire and sipping a hot toddy, some cutting a tree in the forest for their cabins, some shopping...hopefully at our shop...for their last minute gifts.

Snow or no snow...Santa and Mrs. Claus are "receiving"  at the community center, there's a sleigh (hay) ride for the kids and grown-ups down Main Street, Molly Butler's is serving regular meals and the bar is open, 92 Beans, The Rendezvous Diner. the Greer Cafe, The Grey Goose, Made in Greer, Jayne's Restaurant and ART etc are open. Not bad for a town of 40 year-round residents.

In Greer it will be in the 20s tonight and a high of 50 is expected. In the desert, just a few hours away, it will be near 70 degrees. Visitors say they come to see us because it feels more like Christmas here.

We agree.