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“Here comes the orator! With her flood of words, and her drop of reason and her lack of will power.” ~Benjamin Franklin with Calamity Janet

Let’s take a journey into our DNA. What messages does your sub-conscious mind send you when you are eating junk and only junk? Do you ever get that uneasy feeling that you should just grab an apple? Does a piece of celery ever lure you to the refrigerator…or a carrot? How ‘bout some peas or squash? No cravings for those?

Here is an EZ list of what to eat.

Tree nuts

The list of what not to eat can be EZ too.

Don’t eat anything white!

No sugar
No flour
No dairy
No potatoes
No rice

Add to that list:

No processed foods that have labels with a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Those are the “fast” foods, the EZ to prepare foods, the delicious foods that you and your family enjoy. These foods have tons of salt and sugar added…and they are bad for you. That is a non-disputed fact.

Do you think that our DNA will adapt to our “processed” diet and people will be healthy again eating their weight in donuts and pizza?

“The spirit cannot endure the body when overfed, but, if underfed, the body cannot endure the spirit.” ~ St. Frances de Sales

I would like for you to consider this fact:  

The Western diet, our diet in the United States of America, has ruined the health of ancient cultures. Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are taking over this country. Period.

We are all from ancient cultures.

The Native Americans among us who live on the reservations have suffered immensely.

My “ah ha” moment about this came when visiting the restroom in a Wal-Mart close to an Indian reservation a few years ago.

There were these strange boxes on the wall of the restroom. I read the directions on the box and was astonished to learn that the boxes were for the disposal of hypodermic needles.

My mind immediately went to heroin addicts “shooting up” in the bathrooms. I thought how odd it was that Wal-Mart would provide a convenience for heroin addicts. I am sure that my reaction went back to a disturbing movie I saw many years ago called “Lady Sings the Blues” about the jazz singer, Billie Holiday.

The boxes were for the disposal of needles used by diabetics. The large population of diabetic Native Americans living close to this Wal-Mart prompted the boxes being installed.

My ancient culture has the same problem. If I quit eating flour and sugar, I will lose weight.

It has taken several centuries for the Native Americans health to deteriorate, but deteriorate it has. So has ours.

When we eat the wrong things our internal plumbing becomes confused. The digestion of bad food takes longer because our internal functioning “administrator” doesn’t have a clue what to do with the food. Our genetic code doesn’t recognize the bad stuff.The process causes stress to our organs and steals valuable nutrients from our immune system causing dis-ease. Then we are ill and must take medication to get better. It is a cat chasing its tail.

There are many scholars who have been studying this phenomenon for a long time.

They are perplexed.

They have found that the explanation for diabetes in Native American tribes is that their genetic makeup will not properly assimilate sugar and flour.

Genetics, the Western diet and a more sedentary lifestyle (no more hunting and gathering) are the culprits.

What happens if you leave the fat in your diet and take away the sugar and flour?

You lose weight and girth. Overall you feel better, have more energy, have a clearer mind, and sleep better. Your body is at ease…without dis-ease.

We were watching a National Geographic special recently that focused on the residents of Papua, New Guinea. They have had no outside influence on their diet and lifestyle. They are an untouched ancient culture that is thriving still. No changes in their diet or lifestyle for thousands of years. And, they are happy and healthy. Just imagine, being happy without Google or Gucci…or books, or electricity or indoor plumbing. I think I can get along without all of those things except books and Google.

Philosophically, this drives me crazy!

I fervently believe that only education can change people’s habits. How odd that we should educate our population to eat the way we were meant to eat for optimum health…to go backwards.

Change is hard.

Teach me why it is bad for me…why I shouldn’t eat it…why I will be healthier if I don’t eat it, I will listen. I might change a little bit. I might eat less than I used to eat. I might quit it altogether. And I might not.

Teach me that if I am carrying an unborn child in my womb I should take a break from foods and other things that might harm my baby. I will listen and I will try to protect my child. I will do my best to do what’s best.

Teach me that when the child is born to continue to be healthy and make healthy choices. Teach through example so that your children will want their ancestors’ diet and not the fast food diet.

That is how change takes place, one person at a time.

Maybe…just maybe…people can change; the ancient cultures can survive and rediscover their food traditions and their health.

Education is the key to helping people find their best selves and optimum health.

Can we live in a society with books, indoor plumbing, iphones, smartwhatevers, and computers and still have healthy, in control bodies?

Change is difficult. Think about how hard it is to change youself and then it is easy to realize why it is even harder to change someone else.

Smoking has gone from being a mandatory socially elite activity to carrying a reprehensible stigma. That is CHANGE! 

We ancient spirits can figure this out.

“Everything I eat has been proved by some doctor or other to be a deadly poison, and everything I don’t eat has been proved to be indispensable for life. But I go marching on.” ~George Bernard Shaw

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